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  I feel that abortion is wrong, coz it destroys life. It takes away the life of another and is, therefore murder.
Choice and responsibility
  I think that whether a woman should have an abortion is totally up to the woman concerned. It is her choice. Children are a very big responsibility.
Not justified
  Rosie Jasper
  I think abortion is completely wrong and not justified in any way at all. I think this because any life no matter what life it may seem to have is precious and should not be ended. This is partly because of my beliefs as a catholic and also because I think it is simply wrong.
  I'm a 16 year old female. To even think of killing a precious innocent baby is very irresponsible and wrong. Take a look at Exodus 20. verse 13.'Thou shalt not kill'. If you don't understand that... then I don't know what you can understand!
Against intervening
Nobody has the right to intervene with the body of another. If a woman wants to abort, it is up to her. Certainly, unwanted children or children born to 12 year old mothers who are still at school are going to have a rough upbringing. Remember it is only an embryo. If killing others is so wrong, shouldn't we also ban menstruation? Sorry to sound crude, but those eggs could also be potential human beings, if we take the "no" argument to its logical extreme.
I personally believe that it is better to abort and have a baby at a later date - when you and your partner are ready for it - then to have a living liability with you. The state, and society in general, has no right to
intervene with people's bodies.
I have nothing against those who are anti-abortion. They are entitled (and encouraged by me) to have these opinions.  However, I find it hard to accept that we should forbid women from aborting because we found it distressing. The choice is the mother's, not mine nor yours.
Always alternatives
I am a fifteen year old female and had to state the views that people thought of abortion as well as my views. I am totally against abortion. I think it's wrong no matter what the reason. There are always other alternatives to getting rid of the baby. The child didn't have a choice to be conceived and it's not fair if it's just aborted with no chance at life. I don't know what it's like because I have never been threatened with any reason to have an abortion. But, even if you are raped, you give always give up the baby for adoption. At least he/she has a chance at life. The bible states that killing is wrong, and this is a type of killing. Abortion is wrong, and I hope that one of these days it will be illegal. We have too much murder in this country as it is, why should we have more?

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